My name is Elias Erckens and I'm a digital allrounder working project-based as a freelancer in Munich, Germany.
My job and my biggest love is to code and design websites, apps and games.

Being at home in every layer of the development stack through many years of working as web dev, web designer and web admin for various customers, agencies and own projects makes it possible for me to create and/or lead projects from start to finish.
I also really enjoy working in teams. Being part of a good team with a catching spirit and a enthusiastic workflow is always a wonderful experience.
Design / CGI
Mock-Ups, Screendesign, HTML/CSS and Templating for Web/Browser based projects.
Map, level and light design for games, Arch Viz and other 3D/VR visualization projects.
Full-Stack Development
Frontend and backend coding, reactive programming, creating setups and configurations, managing deployment processes, continuous integration and agile projects.
User Experience
Responsive design, full stack reactivity, mobile and cross-platform development, UX analysis.


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Zavelsteinstr. 6 81375 Munich, Germany